Forex Trading Secrets

Forex trading is quickly becoming a revolution of income, and you will be pleased to know, it is getting even easier. Forex Funnel is a complete system that will enable you to set the program to autopilot whilst you get on with the rest of your life, earning up to $115,000 per year just from the Forex Trading System. Sounds good?

Forex Funnel requires no real human interaction, and will make decisions by itself, based on forecasts and previous facts and figures. During testing of the product, the average winning in-a-row was 19, and a maximum achieved of 53!

The software included mainly focuses on USD/JPY (United States Dollars/Japanese Yen), which is the currency pair it was designed for and the one that gives the best results. The software analyses the systems track record from the last 4 years. The win/loss ratio for Forex Funnel is 90%. That means that 4.8 out of 5 trades end up with a profit.

The Forex Funnel has previously bought a $50,000 account up to $462,000 on autopilot alone. The more time you spend learning around the area, the more you can understand how the forex software works, and adapt it to maximum profitability. I am new at trading, and without disclosing too much personal information, I have seen my investment triple since purchase, all on autopilot whilst I do nothing.

Could you quit your day job? I would say you can, it depends on your initial investment. Like I said above, a $50,000 investment could soon be close to Half a Million USD four years down the line!